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Madonna - Celebration album

Celebration albumReleased September 18, 2009
Recorded 1982-2009
Genre Pop, electronica, dance, urban
Length 78:50 (1-Disc), 157:25 (2-Disc)
Label Warner Bros.
Producer Madonna, Babyface, Dallas Austin, Danja, Frank E, John "Jellybean" Benitez, Justin Timberlake, Lenny Kravitz, Mark Kamins, Mirwais Ahmadzaï, Patrick Leonard, Paul Oakenfold, Reggie Lucas, Shep Pettibone, Stephen Bray, Stuart Price, Timbaland, William Orbit

Celebration is the third greatest hits album from American singer Madonna, and the closing release under her contract with Warner Bros. Records, her record company since 1982. The release follows her two previous greatest hits albums, The Immaculate Collection (1990) and GHV2 (2001). The album was released as a single CD, a deluxe double CD version and around thirty Madonna music videos with iTunes deluxe version. A compilation DVD, entitled Celebration: The Video Collection, was released to accompany the audio versions.

Celebration was appreciated by contemporary critics who noted the vastness of Madonna's back-catalogue. The album debuted at the top of the charts in the United Kingdom, Italy and Ireland. Madonna is tied with Elvis Presley to have the most number-one albums as a solo artist in the United Kingdom, though this tally also includes the soundtrack album Evita which features other artists. In other nations, it debuted within the top-ten. The title track was released as the first single of the album. It became Madonna's fortieth number-one song on Billboard's dance chart.

On March 18, 2009, Madonna's publicist Liz Rosenberg announced the plans for the release of a greatest hits package by September. She also added that Madonna had plans to go to the studio and record new material for the album. The next day, Madonna's manager, Guy Oseary, asked fans on his Twitter for input regarding the tracklisting of the greatest hits album. It was later confirmed that she wrote three new tracks for the album, with Paul Oakenfold being confirmed as producer for two of the new songs. Attitude magazine reported in an interview with Oakenfold that the tracks he produced with Madonna are called "Broken (I'm Sorry)" and "Celebrate". He stated that the new music is "lyrically classic Madonna with an edgy modern sound." Her official website also confirmed the presence of the track "Revolver", featuring rapper Lil Wayne, when they announced the final tracklisting for the CD and DVD on August 26, 2009.

Spanish MSN website initially reported that the album was going to be out on September 22, 2009. However, on July 22, 2009, Warner Bros. Records officially announced the release date as September 28, 2009 and confirmed the name of the album as Celebration through Madonna's official website. The compilation will be available in a case of two, as well as a single CD. The songs on the album were re-mastered and chosen by Madonna and her fans, and cover the whole expanse of her career. There will also be a DVD released simultaneously. Titled Celebration - The Video Collection, it will include several music videos of Madonna that have never appeared on a DVD. It includes unedited and never before seen footage of "Justify My Love", as well as the completed video of the single "Celebration". The cover for Celebration was created by street pop artist Mr. Brainwash who is best known for "throwing modern cultural icons into a blender and turning it up to eleven".

Celebration was made available for pre-order on iTunes on September 1, 2009 to conincide with the music video release of "Celebration". The standard (1 disc) and deluxe editions (2 discs) are available, as well as an iTunes exclusive Premium Edition which includes each track available on the 2-Disc Edition, as well as a new track entitled "It's So Cool", and the DVD collection.

Sarah Crompton from The Daily Telegraph gave the collection four out of five stars and said: "Madonna's Celebration shows just how consistently she delivers the goods, with tracks such as 'Music', 'Ray of Light', 'Frozen' and 'Don't Tell Me'." Eric Henderson of Slant Magazine gave the compilation four out of five stars and commented that "functionally, what Madonna and fans are really celebrating with the release of Celebration is the hard proof that Madonna's back catalogue is now so immense and so varied that she can release a behemoth, two-disc greatest hits package that shoehorns in 36 songs and still manages to significantly short-change the singer's legacy." Tim Sendra from Allmusic praised that "the collection does a fine job of living up to the title — it's certainly a celebration of Madonna's career and includes some of the most celebratory and thrilling pop music ever created." While reviewing the double-disc deluxe edition version of the album, he commented: "The 34-track double-disc Deluxe Edition has an easier time of it than the single-disc 18-track release does." Rob Sheffield from Rolling Stone noted that "Celebration kicks off with pure bliss and never lets up. It's a dizzying, nonchronological spin through the Madonna years, years it makes you feel lucky to be living through. Her hitmaking genius is unmatched and undiminished." Lean Greenblatt from Entertainment Weekly commented that the album "holds up surprisingly well." Bill Lamb of About.com commented that consistency is the hallmark of Madonna's career. He said, "As you listen to all 36 tracks on the Celebration collection one of the most obvious attributes is the impressive consistency in musical quality that Madonna has maintained over more than 25 years. These songs belong in any serious pop music catalog." Joey Guerra from Houston Chronicle praised the album saying "every song on Celebration defines a moment in time, a radio sing-along, a twirl under the glitterball. It's a pulsing testament to Madonna's often-overlooked pop prowess, from the scrappy electro beginnings of 'Everybody' and 'Burning Up' to the retro-disco swirl of 'Beautiful Stranger' and 'Hung Up', still a hands-in-the-air highlight." Alan Woodhouse of New Musical Express was not impressed with the collection and said, "while Madonna clearly thinks this collection represents a celebration of her longevity in reality all it does it expose her more recent failings."

In the United States, Celebration debuted at number seven, with 72,000 copies sold in its first week. In Canada, the album debuted at the top of the Canadian Albums Chart, with sales of 17,000 copies.

In Australia and New Zealand, Celebration debuted at number eight and two on the official charts, respectively. The album debuted at number one position in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Celebration became Madonna's eleventh number-one album on the UK Albums Chart, tying her with Elvis Presley as the solo act with the most number-one albums in the British chart history. This tally includes the Evita soundtrack album, which is not a Madonna solo album as it featured other artists as well. The album also reached the top of the charts in Canada and in the European nations of Belgium (Flanders), Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy and UK while in Austria, Belgium (Wallonia), Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland the album debuted within the top ten of the official charts. It also debuted at the top of the chart, on Billboard's European Top 100 Albums chart.

"Celebration" was confirmed to be the first single from the compilation. A first preview of the song was added on the performance for "Holiday" on her 2009 leg of the Sticky & Sweet Tour. It was to be released to radio stations on August 3, 2009 However, the single leaked on to the internet, so the date was changed to July 31, 2009. The digital download was also released on this date due to the leak. Remixes of the song were released to dance clubs on July 24, 2009. "Celebration" received mixed reviews from contemporary critics. The song reached the top of the charts in countries like Finland, Italy and Sweden, while reaching the top-ten in other European nations. It became Madonna's fifty-fifth entry to the Billboard Hot 100 and her fortieth number-one song on the Billboard Dance Club chart.

Another track from the album, titled "It's So Cool" debuted on the official charts of Finland, Italy and Sweden at positions eight, twenty and thirty respectively, due to digital downloads.

1."Hung Up"  5:38
2."Music"  3:46
3."Vogue"  5:16
4."4 Minutes" (featuring Justin Timberlake)3:10
5."Holiday"  6:08
6."Everybody"  4:11
7."Like a Virgin"  3:10
8."Into the Groove"  4:45
9."Like a Prayer"  5:43
10."Ray of Light"  4:34
11."Sorry"  3:59
12."Express Yourself"  4:00
13."Open Your Heart"  3:49
14."Borderline"  4:00
15."Secret"  4:28
16."Erotica"  4:30
17."Justify My Love"  4:54
18."Revolver" (featuring Lil Wayne)3:40

1."Dress You Up"  4:02
2."Material Girl"  4:00
3."La Isla Bonita"  4:04
4."Papa Don't Preach"  4:30
5."Lucky Star"  3:39
6."Burning Up"  3:45
7."Crazy for You"  3:44
8."Who's That Girl"  4:00
9."Frozen"  6:19
10."Miles Away"  3:45
11."Take a Bow"  5:20
12."Live to Tell"  5:51
13."Beautiful Stranger"  4:22
14."Hollywood"  4:24
15."Die Another Day"  4:37
16."Don't Tell Me"  4:12
17."Cherish"  3:52
18."Celebration"  3:34