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Shakira - She Wolf

She WolfReleased October 9, 2009
Recorded 2008—2009, Nassau, Bahamas, Miami, Florida, Vancouver, Canada, Los Angeles, California, London, UK
Genre Electro-pop, dance-pop, dancehall
Language English and Spanish
Label Epic
Producer Shakira, Lukas Burton, Future Cut, Jerry Duplessis, Amanda Ghost, Wyclef Jean, The Neptunes, John Hill

She Wolf is the third English studio album by Colombian Latin-pop singer-songwriter Shakira, scheduled for release on October 9, 2009, in Germany through Sony Music, October 12 in the UK and France through RCA Records and Jive Epic Records, respectively, before being released sometime in November by Epic Records in the US.

So far it is known that Shakira has worked hip-hop producers Pharrell Williams, John Hill, and Wyclef Jean who was involved in producing her previous worldwide hit "Hips Don't Lie". The album sees Shakira shift from latin pop and pop-rock to electro pop while also exploring dancehall.

The album's lead single is also called "She Wolf" in English-speaking territories and is currently making its premier worldwide. A Spanish version of the song titled "Loba" is being released in Latin America and Spain to promote the album. Representatives from Epic Records appear to have confirmed that "Did It Again" will be released as the second single.

When speaking about the album Shakira said "I felt very curious and intrigued about the electro-pop world and everything it has to offer, I wanted to make sure that this album was very bassy and that the kicks hit really hard, and I wanted to concentrate on the beat. But my music, to a certain extent, is very complex — because I always try to experiment with sounds from other parts of the world."

In addition to the disco-influenced title track, there's "Good Stuff," a synthed-out snake-charmer punctuated by ululating and staccato beats; "Long Time," a percussive midtempo groove with a Roma-like clarinet bridge; and "Why Wait," a dancefloor scorcher by way of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir." (Shakira worked on the arrangement with Hossam Ramzy, who had worked on "Kashmir" with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.) "It's an electronic album generally speaking, but it does have different organic instruments that, combined with the synthesizers, create a different sort of ambience," says the two-time Grammy and seven-time Latin Grammy Award winner. "You've got to put together a nice meal and make sure the spices don't take over the main ingredient. And at the end of the day, it gives a nice flavor in your mouth."

Shakira told Rolling Stone magazine that the album was recorded during a series of 12-hour-a-day sessions mostly in the Bahamas with John Hill, Pharrell and other collaborators. The hard work helped transform her sound from the slithery Latin-tinged pop of «Hips Don’t Lie» to something more glitchy, buzzing and fiercely danceable. «It's very electronic and dance-oriented, club-oriented. It’s designed for people to have fun and enjoy themselves and forget about their troubles and the crisis,» says Shakira. She also says that she always wanted to do a bass-heavy record without losing «the fusion, which is something I’m always very interested in — bringing in elements from different cultures. So you’re going to find Indian, African, Colombian, Middle Eastern influences, but always with the synthesizers as a dominant element...The worst that can happen to me is repeat myself and repeat the same old formula,» Shakira tells Rolling Stone, adding that she takes a long time between records «because I really want to be sure every detail makes me happy». Shakira also said that she was very pleased to work once again with Wyclef Jean. She attributes some of their creative synergy to the fact that they «both come from the developing world and we have been close to extreme poverty.» Pharrell forced her to step outside of her box and learn to work more quickly, while Hill introduced her to electro acts like Crystal Castles: «They’re a good example of how electronica can take you to different places».

In an interview with El Universal Shakira went on record to speak about the album. She mentioned 9 of the 12 songs which appear on the track-listing as well as two others an English song titled "Send Me an Angel" and Spanish song "Devoción" featuring Gustavo Cerati. For undisclosed reasons these are not included on the international versions of the album. However they could be used as bonus tracks for the Latin American releases or iTunes pre-order release, or were simply working titles.

Shakira's official website announced that "The full album is due out in October 2009 from Epic" and it "features a predominantly English track list". The site also announced that a Spanish album will be released in 2010. Shakira premiered "She-Wolf" on Z100 and KIIS-FM on July 13, 2009. Shakira stated in an interview that the album will have 3 spanish songs.

  • The lead single from the album is "She Wolf / Loba", written by Shakira and John Hill. In June 2009, several music journalists and reviewers got an advance listen of the track. The reviews were positive. The Spanish version titled, "Loba", premiered on June 29, 2009. "She Wolf" has peaked at number 1 in Latin America, number 2 in Spain and 3 in Italy and Switzerland.
  • "Did It Again" will be released as the official second single worldwide. Using MySpace, Shakira is holding a contest fans to enter in which they can win the chance to bring a guest along to the video shoot scheduled for September 18 and 19 in Los Angeles. Previously it had been incorrectly reported that "Why Wait" / "Años Luz" was to be released. The song was co-written and co-produced by Pharrell. Popjustice said the song is "Brilliant....probably more brilliant than She Wolf....it is not as spooky and deranged as 'She Wolf' and is, in fact, very nice 'n' touching...it's Shakira but different". Shakira performed "Did It Again" on Jimmy Kimmel Live, on the episode that aired September 18.
1."She Wolf"3:10
2."Did It Again" 3:13
3."Long Time"2:56
4."Why Wait"3:49
5."Good Stuff" 3:17
6."Men In This Town"3:35
8."Spy" (featuring Wyclef Jean)3:27
9."Mon Amour"4:06
10."Lo Hecho Está Hecho" ("Did It Again" Spanish version)3:13
11."Años Luz" ("Why Wait" Spanish version)3:42
12."Loba" ("She Wolf" Spanish version)3:11